The New ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Were Modeled After Bill Murray?

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08.05.14 7 Comments


Screenrant interviewed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles director Jonathan Liebesman on the set of the movie, where he showed them full-sized busts of the creepy new Turtles and described them as being modeled after public figures. None were modeled after Vince Vaughn eating pizza, which seems like a missed opportunity.

Here are the public figures which Liebesman said inspired the look of the Turtles and Splinter, along with side-by-side comparisons primarily using screencaps from the videos we posted yesterday.

Leonardo = Russell Crowe + Nelson Mandela = Profit?

Liebesman told Screenrant the leader of the Turtles was modeled after real-life leader Nelson Mandela, specifically his lips. (We’re not seeing the resemblance, but okay.) He also said Leonardo’s eyes were based on a guy who’s played a leader in several movies, Russell Crowe. Just don’t tell Crowe; he’ll want to fight about the eye color not matching.

Michelangelo = Bill Murray

Mikey is the funniest Turtle, and Bill Murray is just the damn greatest. We don’t really see the resemblance, but you could certainly choose worse inspirations.

Donatello = Leonard Nimoy

The best Turtle (you heard me) is supposed to have what Liebesman called a “Spock kind of thing”. Logical.

Raphael = Clint Eastwood

Raph is the rebel, so Liebesman wanted him to remind us of The Man With No Name from Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy. He even chews on a toothpick in lieu of a cigar. No word on whether or not he’ll carry on any conversations with an empty chair.

Splinter = Toshiro Mifune

Liebesman likely took inspiration from Toshiro Mifune in Seven Samurai, or at least his up-do hairstyle. He told Screenrant the rat sensei’s hairstyle is “from a Kurosawa movie”. He makes mad films.

Now let’s go to the Turtles and Splinter of our childhood to see what they think of the redesign:

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