Terry Crews Changes His Mind About Playing Luke Cage In Marvel's Netflix Series

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03.11.14 25 Comments

We might get to see Terry Crews amusingly shouting “Sweet Christmas!” in Marvel’s Luke Cage Netflix series after all. Crews took himself out of the running long ago during movie speculation because (in his words), “it was people trying to pit people against each other. Idris [Elba] versus Michael Jai [White] and I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, this is not even greenlit! Can we talk to Marvel? Why are you talking to me? Don’t put me against my homeboy for a movie that’s not existing.’ I said, ‘Take me out!'”

The 45-year-old NFL star turned scene-stealer in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Idiocracy, and more has changed his opinion since the Netflix series was greenlit. He tells Collider:

“I heard [it’s greenlit] but I haven’t gotten any calls. I’ve been hearing stuff like, ‘oh you’re too old,’ and I’m like, ‘Man do my workout 20 years ago and we’ll talk about who’s too old’. Like I said, anything can happen, I never rule anything out. I’m game. There are no rules. What’s up, Marvel? I’m right here, baby. I ain’t goin’ nowhere. You know where I live!”

We suspect Netflix has already cast their Luke Cage, considering the production is about to begin in New York City, with 13 one-hour episodes of the Luke Cage series culminating in The Defenders, a mini-series combining the casts of the four separate Netflix shows based on Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist.

If Netflix hasn’t cast their Cage yet, though, Crews would be a great choice. He can keep Hell’s Kitchen clear of all piñata-based threats.

Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords shooting a pinata in Brooklyn Nine Nine Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords shooting a pinata in Brooklyn Nine Nine

Terry Crews also holds the distinction of thinking he had superpowers as a child because of an accidental electrocution. Power Man, indeed.

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