Spider-Man Pulls Rhino’s Pants Down, And Other Heroics From ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Set

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05.14.13 6 Comments

Were you perusing yesterday’s set pictures from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wishing Paul Giamatti would just drop his pants already and show off underwear with cartoon rhinos on them? GOOD NEWS, NOBODY WHO WAS THINKING THAT! We have just what you didn’t know you needed. Also, we have some cool pictures of Spider-Man being a solid dude, as in the picture above tweeted by director Marc Webb.

We also have a video shot at the set in the Brooklyn, New York. The video and all of the pictures below are courtesy of Fan-Girl.org, who have more videos and 541 pictures in their three most recent Amazing Spider-Man 2 galleries here, here, and here.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet found a video of the scene below where Spider-Man (spoiler) keeps a bus from tipping over. But we have many, many pictures of The Rhino in his rhinoceros underwear. It looks like Spidey pulled The Rhino’s pants down while disarming him and taking away the (spoiler) rhino serum, then incapacitated him with CGI webbing that will be added later.

Or maybe pantsless is just how The Rhino rolls. A pantsless dude with a face tattoo? That’s either an ex-con or a blogger.

Hello, new desktop picture.

Hang in there, we’ve got more pictures of Spider-Man saving the day on the next page.

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