Spider-Man Just Can't Keep His Mask On During Four Minutes Of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

05.15.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

The four minute “super preview” (whatever that means) of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man aired on last night’s America’s Got Talent. Were you watching? Neither were we, but the clip is now online as all things should be. It opens with The Lizard throwing cars off the George Washington Bridge while Spider-Man uses his fancy homemade wrist jizz to save people, including an obligatory scene where Spider-Man saves a small child at the last second amid a fire that started for no reason. As cheesy as that is, I still got into it. Damn you for making me feel feelings, Marc Webb!

I’ll credit this clip with looking less like a TV movie than the previous ones, and the CGI on The Lizard looks better here. On the other hand, put your damn mask on, Parker!

Continue on for the clip and a few new posters plus a photoshop of a cat because I do what I want.

I see you, spider pattern photoshopped into the skyline with the cloning tool.

Spider-Cat doesn’t approve of the subliminal messages, but that’s okay. He hates everything anyway. More like Spite-er-cat, right? *bike horn*

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