The Best And Worst Things About The Sci-fi Movies Of 2012

It really seemed like 2012 was going to be a special year for sci-fi. Ridley Scott returning to the Alien universe, a lush interpretation of John Carter of Mars from Pixar bigwig Andrew Stanton, the much-anticipated movie adaptation of The Hunger Games — there was a lot to look forward to.

Of course, some of these mega events didn’t quite live up to the hype, but thankfully a number of smaller sci-fi movies (such as Looper) snuck onto the radar, making up for some high-profile disappointments. In the end, 2012 may not have always delivered quality, but it certainly offered sci-fi fans abundant quantity. I’ve watched a dozen science fiction movies in theatres this year without even trying — in past years tracking down even half that many sci-fi flicks would have been a chore.

So, here are some of the bests and worsts of this busy year in sci-fi. Keep in mind, this is merely a list of moments, scenes, characters or whatever other little things I liked or didn’t like about 2012’s crop of sci-fi films. In other words, giving a movie a “best” doesn’t necessarily mean I liked the movie as a whole, nor does a “worst” mean I hated a movie. Cool? Okay, let’s go…

Note – Oh, also I’m not including superhero movies on this list. Had to whittle down the list somehow. So, even though it had aliens in it, no bests or worsts for The Avengers.

SPOILER WARNING – I’ll try not to be too explicit when it comes to plot points, but there’s bound to still be plenty of spoilers ahead, so beware.


Jump John Carter, Jump!

I can see why John Carter didn’t do it for a lot of folks — the movie feels three hours long despite being only a little over two. It’s a pretty turgid slog at times. That said, I still liked the movie, largely because of all the jumpity, jump, jumping!