The Best Of Terrible Superhero Cakes

So I was looking at My Little Pony photoshops from sad, sad people who want to date a horse, because I’m a horrible atrocity tourist, when I stumbled across the blog Terrible Superhero Cakes.

It lives up to its name. And then some.

I suppose I never really thought about this, but there are many, many small children who love superheroes out there, and there are many, many loving parents trying to please those children with cakes that represent that love, like the attempt by Rob Liefeld to decorate a cake above.

Somehow, though, I think some secret resentment has leached out into these pastries…

…Well, that’s actually a pretty terrifying depiction of the Joker, so… yay?

The X-Men’s worst foe turned out to be fondant.

This is actually probably one of the more terrifying depictions of the Green Goblin I’ve ever seen, and that includes the truck from Maximum Overdrive.

This is actually concept art from the Nightmare Before Christmas sequel, where Jack Skellington steals Tony’s armor and accidentally triggers Heroes Reborn.

U Doom, Bro?

Is it me or does this look, a lot, like Batman dropping off the wards at the pool?

Worst…Bizarro… ever.

It’s actually a bachelor party cake: Vines erupt from the center and impale the corporate polluters celebrating a birthday.

It’s-a me-a! Wolverine!

… Well, at least they know who the Juggernaut IS.