‘The Defenders’ Will Set The Course For The Third Season Of ‘Daredevil,’ According To Charlie Cox

The overarching theme of Daredevil‘s second season was going it alone. Matt shut out his friends, forcing Foggy to stand on his own as a lawyer and Karen to discover she’s a better investigator than a receptionist, leaving fans to wonder just what season three was going to be about. To be fair, Foggy’s big pitch to Matt was “stop beating up ninjas and having sex with the girlfriend you never really got over,” and even just the second part of that situation is a hard sell in real life, so it’s no wonder the superhero decided to flake. Apparently, however, Daredevil will learn a bit about teamwork when he starts working with the Defenders.

At a Wizard World Chicago panel, Charlie Cox explained how being on the Defenders changes Matt’s attitude toward teaming up:

He can’t do all this alone. And that’s to say maybe some teamwork – He’s actually going to relinquish [some responsibility]. So whatever lessons he learns in The Defenders will then play into I think season three.

Realistically, teaming up with two people who can literally hold him in place and yell at him for being an idiot, not to mention Danny Rand, will probably help Daredevil realize what it’s like to be the guy in the room without the superpowers and ninja training. He might even apologize to Foggy, who is indeed turning up in The Defenders. We’ll likely find out in 2017.

(Via MCU Exchange)