Honest Trailers Questions Who The Good Guys Are As They Tackle ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’

Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft’s attempt to enter the MMO shooter space currently dominated by Destiny, has been a pretty solid success. The Division is racking up some big-time sales (it’s Ubisoft’s biggest launch ever), and we found it to be fun, if slightly unambitious, in our review. But hey, the game is far from perfect, so here come the Honest Trailers folks to knock the game down a peg.

As Honest Trailers rightfully points out, there is a lot of pretty iffy world-building going on in The Division. You’re supposed to be part of a secret police force, and yet you spend all your time shooting the last remnants of the New York population in the face. Also, why is everybody completely unconcerned about the disease that wiped out the city? It was a version of small pox, which is pretty contagious. Everybody should be running around in hazmat suits, not hoodies and jaunty scarves. Of course, all these nitpicks don’t matter much if you can’t even get online to play the game, something The Division has struggled with like pretty much every online-dependent game. Sigh, if you need me I’ll be playing Tetris by myself.

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