The Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer Promises More Ood And More Silly Hats

12.27.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

The trailer for Doctor Who’s next season was attached to the latest Doctor Who Christmas Special (currently playing on any number of torrent sites) and it looks like the Doctor’s silly hat fetish has only gotten worse. (Well, there’s nothing inherently silly about a stetson, but if you put it on Matt Smith, it becomes the most ridiculous thing in the world…or any other world The Doctor might care to visit.)

As you may remember, we earlier reported that the Doctor would be filming in Utah for this series. We see those shots here…and they actually look pretty impressive. (Especially compared to all the British Quarries they usually film for Doctor Who.)

We also get a return from The Ood, who we haven’t seen since The End Of Time with David Tennant, what looks like the unexplained time machine from last season’s episode The Lodger and a naked River Song, which I don’t think people on either side of Atlantic were really clamoring for. (Would a naked Amy Pond have been any more difficult to do?)

Video after the jump!

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