The Dreaded Hover Hand, Wonder Woman Edition (Plus A SFW Nip Slip)

Entertainment Editor
04.01.11 7 Comments

Matt already posted ten pictures of Adrianne Palicki running in the new Wonder Woman suit, but we never get sick of watching Wonder Woman run so we’re posting more pictures as well as a video and some pics of Palicki in the Diana Themyscera alter ego.  There’s also a picture of her about to inject something into a suspect’s neck, which was in David E. Kelly’s script but makes f*ck-all sense to me.  Also, check out that hover hand action in the banner picture.  So close.

We can definitely say the new Wonder Woman suit is an improvement over the previous costume.  The boots are the right color now (and no unpractical heels).  The pants are darker with a matte finish and no longer look like a cheap vinyl car interior.  The stars on the side of the pants are more visible.  The only gripes I have are that the wrist cuffs seem to be an odd color and the lack of straps on the bustier easily lead to nip slips as seen in the first picture (SFW, sorry) after the jump.  Wait, did I say that was a gripe about the outfit?  I meant it’s a feature.

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