The First Gameplay Trailer For The PS4-Exclusive ‘Hellblade’ Is A Journey Through A Tortured Mind

Last year at E3, Sony briefly unveiled Hellblade, the latest game from the developers of Heavenly Sword and DmC: Devil May Cry. The game was somewhat intriguing, but that initial E3 trailer didn’t leave a particularly lasting impression. Well, it’s almost a year later, another E3 is almost upon us, and we now have a new in-engine trailer that gives us a better idea of what Hellblade is all about.

The game is based on ancient Celtic myths and legend. You star as Senua, a female warrior suffering through anxiety, depression and outright psychosis. Throughout the game, you’ll journey through a version of hell filled with horrors that are actually manifestations of Senua’s mental illness. It certainly sounds like Hellblade will be tackling some unusually challenging subject matter for a triple-A title.

Hellblade will be released on PC and PS4 sometime in 2016. What do you folks think? Intrigued by Hellblade, or have the developers bit off more than they can chew?