The Free Market Has Spoken — The Cover To Amazing Spider-Man #328 Is The Most Valuable Piece Of Comic Art In The World

07.30.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Pop quiz comics nerds — what’s the most valuable single piece of comic art in the world? Probably a page from Action Comics #1 or maybe some early Jack Kirby Fantastic Four or Steve Ditko Spider-Man art, right? Nope.

It’s the cover to The Amazing Spider-Man #328 by Todd McFarlane, which just sold for $657,250. Why this page in particular? Hell if I know — it’s not like it’s Todd McFarlane’s first Spider-Man cover or anything. In fact, it’s actually his last Amazing Spider-Man cover. Who pays insane amounts of money for the last of something? That’s not how collecting s–t works!

Anyways, hit the jump to check out what the free market has decided is the greatest piece of comic art ever created…

Here’s what the page originally looked like in color…

So uh, is it the fact that Spider-Man’s punching Hulk in the balls that makes this cover so valuable? I’m thinking probably. Also, this must be kind of bittersweet for Todd McFarlane considering 650k is probably more than he’s made from Spawn over the past decade.

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