The Future According to Films [Infographic]

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11.17.11 4 Comments

Graphic designer Michael Hobson made an infographic (full size below) with a timeline of our dystopian future according to sci-fi movies (and a few TV shows). There are some obvious omissions like Idiocracy (the banner picture will have to suffice), and he didn’t try to tackle the details of convoluted timelines like Star Trek and Doctor Who. However, this is still pretty awesome in scope and detail. I could only spot a couple small errors; the year in Red Dwarf is 3,002,077 and in Dune it’s around 23,191 or so (10191 is the year, but that’s after the Spacing Guild was established around 13,000 AD and yes I am an enormous nerd). Other than those nitpicks, this does a great job putting our wild speculations about the future into a cohesive format for us to compare, contrast, and laugh about. People thought we’d be exploring the stars so soon? That we’d adequately fund the space program and the sciences? Oh, to have such optimism.

I only wish that in this infographic, before the “You are here” part, he would have added Star Wars. Because it took place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, you see. Okay. I’ll go wedgie myself now.

[Infographic by Michael Hobson. Hat tip and some spice to GeeksAreSexy.]

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