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Grave Digger didn’t stand a chance against that . . . guy?

Jason David Frank (not pictured above) played Tommy Oliver, the greasy sax guy lookin’ Green Ranger in the first season of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”.  If you don’t remember him, ask your skanky cousin in the tweety bird “attitude” T-shirt and the pink sweatpants with Skoal stains.  She remembers. Recently 

Frank announced he was going to fight MMA.  This differed from many former actor announcements in that Frank actually meant it, did it, and just won his first bout, presumably with no film crews from VH1 there to film it as a reality show.

The amateur video is below.  He fought against the more-experienced Jonathan Mack, who landed several hard punches (including one that knocked Frank over) in the beginning of the first round.  Frank turned it around, though, finding an opening and pulling Mack into an omo plata for the win in the first round.  Holy crap, he nailed the omo plata in the first round of his first fight against a more experienced fighter.  Did he summon a Zord?  Did I just make a Zord joke?  FML.  Anyway, for those among you unfamiliar with the oma plata, that’s when you Ric Flair chop somebody in the liver, then you tune in Tokyo, then you pull out his heart while chanting “oma plata, oma plata, oma plata.”  Then you go to his house and fix a romantic dinner for his wife and talk about her needs. 

Power Rangers are hardc0re.

[ToplessRobot via ComicsAlliance]

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