The Justice League Of The Future Meets A Challenge In This Exclusive ‘Justice League 3000′ #6 Preview

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05.02.14 3 Comments

DC Comics

The Justice League of the year 3000 is… not the team you would expect. Returned to life through genetic engineering and other chicanery, they’re not the heroes we remember from the 21st century. Of course, anyone is in trouble when up against what they’re facing, in this exclusive preview of Justice League 3000 #6.

J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen are essentially allowed to go nuts on this book, and the result is a highly entertaining story. The Justice League have been brought back by the Wonder Twins, and they’re… imperfect. For example, the Flash has superspeed, but not the anti-friction field that keeps air resistance from killing him. The gaps in powers extend to memories and personalities: Wonder Woman is just a wee bit bloodthirsty, and Batman is antagonistic even for Batman.

It’s a fun, alternate-continuity take on heroes from two respected pros, and Howard Porter has quite a bit of fun with the elaborate artwork and designs he’s called on to build. But, hey, see for yourself. Justice League 3000 #6 arrives next week.


DC Comics


DC Comics

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