The Latest 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Trailer Has Plenty Of Talk About Being Scary, But Isn't Particularly Scary

08.15.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

Is Aliens: Colonial Marines going to be scary? I’m not sure. Gearbox and Sega have released a new trailer with lots of talking heads espousing their theories about how to create tension, but the actual in-game footage they show doesn’t seem particularly tension-filled. I mean there’s a part in the trailer where a guy knocks down an alien with the butt of his gun. A human being should not be able to physically knock down a Xenomorph. Not scary guys.

Anywho, you can hit the jump and judge for yourselves…


Yeah, I’m not convinced about the scariness, but aside from that, this looks like a good shooter. Aliens: Colonial Marines will be out next February.

via Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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