The Legos Have Built a Bridge Crosser: Sniper Robots Next?

06.09.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Legos, the joyously nerdy construction technology, are used to do everything from have our fun for us to building small tanks to annoy your coworkers with. And now it’s being used to lay down bridges for other Lego vehicles to cross chasms.

The subject of the multiframe photo above is the Stilzkin Bridge Launcher, constructed by a mysterious figure known only as Mahjqa. Why was this constructed? Is there an adorable invasion on the way? Will we be attacked by minifigs for all those times we pulled their heads off? These questions remain disturbingly unanswered. Familiarize yourself with the enemy by visiting Mahjqa’s Flickr photoset and view the video of this potential menace in action under the jump:

[ via UniqueDaily ]

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