The New ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Poster Is Kinda Star Wars-y

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05.16.14 9 Comments
guardians of the galaxy poster banner


The PR push for Guardians of the Galaxy starts in earnest this week, as you may have noticed around the Internet. Part of that? A new poster!

As debuted on James Gunn’s Twitter, introducing the cast as a bunch of @$$holes, here’s the full poster:

guardians of the galaxy poster


This will all pay off with a trailer release on Monday, which you can bet we’ll post here. And the trailer’s pretty cool, albeit we feel bad for poor Dave Batista way in the back there. He totally got Liefelded.

Still, it’s got a pleasant Star Wars vibe, which is more or less what Gunn seems to be shooting for. Still, if he’s smart, he’ll use the trailer the Internet has already created for him:

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