The Seventh Doctor Cast as a Hobbit?

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07.19.10 2 Comments

Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Doctor Who, was nearly cast as Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  The role went to Ian Holm, who was awesome, but is no longer the right age to play Bilbo in The Hobbit, as Bilbo in that movie should look the same age or just a bit younger. (The One Ring stopped or dramatically slowed his aging. I am a gigantic nerd.)  It just so happens McCoy is 12 years younger than Holm and is friends with Peter Jackson, so this rumor shouldn’t come as a surprise:

Last night, the good people of Screenrush somehow ended up meeting Sylvester McCoy. The how and why are not important to our story – we care about what was said and that, according a tweet I caught this morning, was that he’s been cast in The Hobbit.  Not given an audition. Not offered a role. Actually cast in the part.  I got back in touch with Screenrush and they confirmed that this was something they were told directly by a friend of McCoy. [BleedingCool]

Screenrush was unable to get a comment from McCoy’s agent, but they do claim the friend of McCoy’s said he’ll be playing “the second biggest lead”, which is probably the Bilbo Baggins character.  Then again, maybe not.  Or maybe the friend misunderstood what was going on and McCoy hasn’t been officially cast.  Or maybe he is cast but MGM won’t make the picture because of their money troubles. Or maybe a blogger just found an M&M in his couch cushions and is contemplating whether or not it’s still worth eating.  Important things, these.

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