The Sims Finally To Get More Disease, Looting, and Oppression

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08.06.10 2 Comments

You know what period of time really kind of sucked? The Middle Ages. Seriously. They really sucked. You could pretty much look forward to your mom dying in childbirth, most of your family dying before you got out of puberty, and then either being sent to get decapitated in a war between two nobles over one hogging all the quince jelly, dying horribly of some disease that could be prevented if you knew how to wash your hands, or dying in a farming accident.

Which, seriously, makes it great for the Sims.

Let’s face it, “The Sims” is all about torturing computer programs to see if they’ll actually commit suicide or just give up on life. “The Sims – Medieval” promises to be even more sadistic, as you’re controlling a hero of some sort and in addition to doing housework will be questing around the countryside. In other words, you can take your knight’s armor off right before a jousting tournament and watch him get impaled.

The countryside is customizable, too. We can’t wait for the inevitable “landmine” mod. MUHUHAHAHAHAHA! Dance, peasants! Dance!

[ via Geekosystem ]

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