The Worst Batmobile? Au Contraire, Mon Frère

Entertainment Editor
06.02.10 4 Comments

Jalopnik is calling this the “world’s worst Batmobile,” so now I have to find Bugs Bunny’s glove to slap them with.

Gabe, the hero of this story, purchased this wrecked 1994 Pontiac Grand Am last summer from Dave’s Towing in Ann Arbor for $100. The vehicle was running but sported a crushed roof, damaged front end and otherwise crunch-and-munched body. Like any reasonable person, Gabe’s first thought was to “go all in” and convert the cursed car into a Batmobile. [Jalopnik]

Well, of course.  It’s either that or cover it with Chia seeds.  Perfectly reasonable.

Jalopnik also reports that some thieves were thwarted while trying to hotwire the car because the steering wheel fell off.  Fortunately, their hotwiring work fixed the broken brake lights.  No, really.  The car is street legal, and Gabe’s selling it for $600 on Craigslist.  But does it come with a free coffee table?  An offer for massage therapy?  I don’t understand how this is on Craigslist without ‘massages’ and coffee tables included.

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