The Worst Trek Bracket Round 18: Clip Shows Vs. Shatner As A Woman

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04.18.12 14 Comments

“Justice” swept the first round of the Sulfurous Sixteen, leaving “Operation: Annihilate!” in the dust. And our next round is the second TNG/TOS matchup, both season (and in one case, series) finale, and this one is gonna be ugly.

“Shades of Grey”

TNG, Season 2, Episode 22

It’s a clip show, although this was due to a writer’s strike. And, as our stalwart commenter redshirt pointed out, at least it got rid of Pulaski.

“Turnabout Intruder”

TOS, Season 3, Episode 24

This was the show the original series went out on, and it taught us a valuable lesson: William Shatner had never spoken to or otherwise interacted with a woman in his entire life to that point. Also that body-swap episodes are awful.

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