The Worst Trek: Racism Vs. Sheer Fan Hatred

04.25.12 6 years ago 15 Comments

It was surprisingly close, considering how awful “Move Along Home” was, but Crusher’s voyage to the planet of the Scottish stereotypes and ghost boning wins out, and “Bev Gets Wax Fever”, er, “Sub Rosa” moves on to the Egregious Eight.

And now we’ve got “Enterprise” versus “TNG” in an awful ep smackdown.

“These Are The Voyages…”

Enterprise, Season 4, Episode 22

It tells you how awful this episode is that the caption of the photo in its Wikipedia entry is critical of it.

“Code of Honor”

TNG, Season 1, Episode 4

The entire first season of “The Next Generation” is fairly awful; there’s a reason TNG became the trope namer for a show finding its way on TVTropes. Yes, that’s a link to said wiki. You’ve been warned.

“Code of Honor”, on the other hand, is so bad, Google thinks it’s racist. No, seriously:

That’s an actual Google result.

As always, log your votes on Facebook or in the comments, and remember: whoever wins this round faces “Spock’s Brain” in the Egregious Eight!

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