The Worst Trek: "Threshold" Vs. "Profit and Lace"

05.04.12 6 years ago 35 Comments

“Justice” put up a hard fight, but despite Fadeproof’s noble hunt for the Wesley Derpface, “Justice” got knocked out and “These Are the Voyages…” enters our Worst Trek Thunderdome.

But who will it face?


Voyager, Season 2, Episode 10

Probably one of the worst episodes of “Voyager” ever filmed.

“Profit and Lace”

DS9, Season 6, Episode 23

This one has taken me by surprise a little. You guys really hate this episode. Before I thought “Threshold” was a lock for the final two and likely to go for the win, but against this I’m not so sure.

As usual, log your votes in the comments or on Facebook, and on Monday? We decide the worst Trek episode ever aired.

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