There's Going to Be a Starship Troopers Remake For Some Reason and It Sounds Terrible

Oh, Starship Troopers — it had plenty of exploding bugs for when you’re feeling dumb, sharp satire for when you’re feeling smart, and boobs for whether you’re feeling smart or dumb. Why am I going on about Starship Troopers? Because it’s going to be remade!

Re-making a movie that’s only 15-years-old just seems weird. The main reason you remake an old action movie is so you can add a bunch of fancy new CGI effects to a proven concept, but Starship Troopers was already a CGI-heavy modern action movie. Aside from maybe somewhat improving bug carapace textures there’s literally nothing a remake can do that the original didn’t.

According to producers Neal Moritz and Toby Jaffe (the guys behind enduring classics like xXx and Stealth) the plan is to strip out any satire, comedy or anti-fascist messages and go full on patriotic. Oh, and the R-rating is hitting the scrap heap too, so say goodbye to co-ed shower scenes and graphic brain-suckings. But there’s going to be more CGI, so don’t worry!

Eh, if we’re going to remake a Paul Verhoeven movie, I say Showgirls is the way to go. CGI might not have improved all that much, but today’s ex-kids show stars blow Elizabeth Berkley out of the water.

via The Playlist