These Links Are Obscure. You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Them.

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PICTURES: Hipster superheroines [more at ComicsAlliance]

Which Puppy Tale Is The Most Moving? [UproxxNews]

Ten awful pieces of TV memorabilia [WarmingGlow]

Ryan Gosling went to the zoo [Filmdrunk]

Extra Credit: Northwestern University Has Live Sex Shows [TSS]

Tip your 40s for the soccer owl [WithLeather]

Cats with thumbs [WarmingGlow]

Channing Tatum will star in Peter Pan. Really. [Filmdrunk]

What Dr. Seuss Books Were Really About [Buzzfeed]

The Sheen Pyramid Of Greatness [NextRound]

A Look at the Lows of 5 Hollywood Actors [Moviefone]

Chubby Asian Kid Lip Syncing “Like A Boss” [EgoTV]

Gary Busey Does Esquire Interview, Beats Charlie Sheen at the Crazy Quote Game [Urlesque]

VIDEO BELOW: Flynnagin the dog learns a new trick [via HYST]

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