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02.04.10 3 Comments

Lost experts talk season six, which is all the excuse I needed to post the “Lost spoiler” picture above. [InsideTV, picture via ONTD]

Flowchart for determining what you should do on Super Bowl Sunday.  They forgot the part for “Are you gay? > Yes > Go to Ikea.” [HolyTaco]

This article on Razzie award winners reminds me how awesome Bill Cosby is. [InsideMovies]

Iron Man is returning to the Avengers. [ComicsAlliance]

This guy is so fired. [WarmingGlow]

Video game characters’ mug shots.  I knew that mayor of Sim City was up to no good. [CollegeHumor]

Redneck crane waterskiing is the new meth lab explosion. [Uncoached]

You know the 3D thing is getting out of hand when “Cats and Dogs 2” is getting a post-production 3D conversion.  On the other hand, OMG puppies in 3D! [Filmdrunk]

VIDEO BELOW: Two-minute compilation of a squirrel falling over. People are arguing over what’s wrong with the squirrel: narcolepsy, cerebellar ataxia, a brain tumor, petit mal epilepsy, drunk on fermented seeds, or perhaps it’s the deadly disease of Squaids (squirrel AIDS). [via Arbroath]

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