They See Him Rollin’. They Hatin’.

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06.18.10 2 Comments

Try not to throw your panties at the banner pic, ladies and gentlemen (especially gentlemen).  That’s just Hannes Langeder’s pedal-powered custom ‘Porsche’ Ferdinand GT3 RS.  As the video below says, “GT3 stands for gran tourismo, RS for ‘cycling (Rad) sports'” and the emissions are so low they’re record breaking.  Easy to do with no engine.  It sports an ultra-light construction, faux gold covering, and a huge spoiler to keep it stable when it hits blistering speeds of 3 miles per hour (5 km/h).

Branded as the world’s slowest Porsche, artist Hannes Langeder’s handmade Porsche, which he calls the Ferdinand, mocks the culture of consumerism that gives rise to such overpriced commodities as the luxury auto. [MAKE]

It’s currently on exhibit at the Lentos Art Museum in Linz, Austria.  Man, if I would have known making a full-sized pedal car out of pipes and tape could get me a showing, well, I’d still be playing Super Mario Crossover in another tab right now ’cause I have no ambition.

More pics and an awesomely sarcastic video after the jump:

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