They See Me Hoverin’, They Hatin’

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04.07.10 4 Comments

Matthew Riese and friends built a replica of a DeLorean frame in somebody’s yard, which is pretty awesome by itself, but then they stepped up their game and turned it into a hovercraft as well.  That’s a life lesson right there: when life gives you scrap metal, make a DeLorean Hovercraft, because hell yeah.

And I apologize in advance for mentioning Jesse James (I don’t even know if Sandra Bullock dumped him yet and I don’t care), but “Monster Garage” did a full episode on combining a working hovercraft with a DeLorean frame.  I don’t know if they succeeded, because I got about two minutes into the episode before James’s’s’s’s monotone voice put me to sleep.  I’ll never know if he got that Choco Taco.

To see the version Riese built, check out the three videos below.  No footage yet of this thing actually driving. 

I totally volunteer to help out with the test drive.  Where we’re going, we won’t need roads.  Well, okay, some roads.  Very flat ones.

[Thanks, UniqueDaily]

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