They’re Already Talking About a “Real Steel” Sequel?

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09.28.11 2 Comments

“Real Steel” looks kind of ridiculous. In fact it looks incredibly ridiculous. This means I’m going to go see it, because either it will be surprisingly good (doubtful) or it will be an unintentionally hilarious cheesefest (far more likely). To Dreamworks, this means it’s going to be hugely beloved and be a massive hit.

Yeah, honestly, we doubt it. Apparently the movie, according to esteemed Hollywood hack Shawn Levy, is testing extremely well, with audiences cheering as Hugh Jackman does interpretive fight-dance with a robot imitating him, just like Richard Matheson intended. Since the response has been so great, they’re already working on the sequel, with the entire cast signed to come back and Levy back behind the camera.

No word on the interpretive dance robots, though.

[ via the reel aluminum at IndieWire ]

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