This ‘Avengers’-Themed Apartment Isn’t Stark Tower, But It’s Close

Every comic book fan has a fictional place they want to live in. The Batcave, the House of Mystery, the Fortress of Solitude, the loft apartment that Peter Parker lives in that he can afford on a freelance photographer’s salary. But few of us have the money to actually make that happen.

This private commission built by Absolook was for a Coulson-level Marvel fan, but we have to admit that it actually looks pretty cool and is fairly well-designed. Granted, it looks like Richie Rich’s bedroom, and I’m a little surprised there’s not an entire room dedicated to the owner’s collection of Marvel Legends mint-on-card, but still, it looks good!

Really, all it needs is some framed first issues, and we’ve got the ultimate nerd apartment. Although one suspects the bed for two is a little optimistic.

Source: Facebook