This Bike Has No Chain. Your Move, Hipsters.

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09.24.10 3 Comments

The hipster pet squad is silently judging you, Stringbike.

Hungarian Designers at Schwinn Csepel Zrt. have designed the Stringbike, which uses greaseless, symmetrical steel wires attached to pulleys instead of an asymmetrical chain.  It has quite a few advantages.  Different discs can be easily swapped out to change the bike’s purpose (going from a touring bike to a racing bike, for example).  The wheels can be removed much faster and without getting greasy. There’s no slippage when changing gears.  And, since it has fewer components, it may eventually be cheaper to manufacture.

Disadvantages?  Well, it’s currently over 9000 €2500 ($3334 US).  I also wonder how badly you could be injured if one of those wires snapped.  Also, the siren call of a chainless bike may lead to a spontaneous hipster orgy tornado in your general vicinity.  A sudden influx of cardigans of that magnitude can’t be healthy.

Break out your blackest, chunkiest glasses and check it out below:

There wasn’t any audio, so just fast forward this one to 20 seconds and play them together:

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