This Should Be A SyFy Movie

Entertainment Editor

Olivier Lambert and Klaas Post discovered the skull of a new species of prehistoric sperm whale in the Pisco-Ica desert of Peru.  Ihe Leviathan melvillei (named after Herman Melville and the biblical Leviathan) was likely 40 to 60 feet long and lived 5999 years ago 12 million years ago.  It may have used its crazy huge teeth to hunt giant baleen whales.  Although it’s not larger than the sperm whales today, its teeth are what make it so scary:

Today’s sperm whale has no functional teeth in its upper jaw and only small ones in its lower jaw (which are mostly used in fights). It feeds through suction, relying on a rush of water to carry its prey into its open mouth. But Leviathan’s mouth was full of huge teeth, the largest of which were a foot long and around 4 inches wide. […] Leviathan clearly grabbed its prey with a powerful bite, inflicting deep wounds and tearing off flesh as killer whales do, but with a skull three times bigger. [NotExactlyRocketScience]

Seriously, give this thing its own SyFy movie already.  I suppose it has to battle something besides just humans, though.  Okay, Leviathan versus Megalodon.  No, wait, that’s not quite “SyFy” enough.  UltraLeviathan versus MegaMegalodon.  Yeah, that’s more like it.

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