This Wonder Woman Show Just Gets Better And Better

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02.16.11 9 Comments

The sad thing is I photoshopped this four months ago.

When last we gnashed our teeth and wailed over the Wonder Woman TV show, we had just learned about the reveals some new info on how they plan to cast the show. The whole sheet is over there, but we’ll pick out a few details.  It confirms that Steve Trevor will be a series regular character; it also doesn’t list any villains.  But, more importantly, this:

Diana is “a real woman yearning to live a normal life.” Wow. Talk about a fundamental misunderstanding of who the character is. She’s an Amazon, raised by Amazons. She’s the finest warrior on an island that breeds the best of them. Her mission in life is to bring light to the world—not to be a sitcom-ready “lost girl in the big city.” But whatever. [Blastr]

Next up, a Superman TV show where he was actually from Kansas all along and strives to have the most extensive butterfly collection in the Midwest.  Damn it so much.  I know I’ve done this before but it bears repeating:

Single Female Lawyer

Fighting for her client,

Wearing sexy miniskirts,

And being self-reliant.

[Inset picture via TheFrogman, other two pictures made by me because I photoshop the pain away]

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