Here’s A Glimpse Of The Hulk’s Gladiator Armor From ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ At Comic-Con

If you needed more reasons to get excited for Marvel’s slate of films following their Comic-Con 2016 showing, the company confirmed plenty of cool aspects for their jolly green giant and his buddy romp in Thor: Ragnarok.

Not only did all of Marvel’s films get those nifty looking ’80s throwback logos for all of their films, but we found out that the Hulk will indeed step in the arena like Gang Starr. He’ll apparently take on Thor in some of that Planet Hulk goodness we’ve been teased with over the years — at least that’s what the teases folks at Comic-Con got a peek at on screen.

But even if you weren’t there, Marvel had plenty of goodies around to hint at what they wanted to do with The Hulk and The God of Thunder. Just look at this wonderful bit of armor, straight from the comics:

Slash Film also confirms a bit of what had been teased back at the start of June, although only in concept form:

Perhaps the most shocking shot in the footage was Chris Hemsworth with a really short haircut, war paint on his face, without his signature suit…

It ended with a bang by showing an animatic on a computer screen with Hulk in his full gladiator armor that was revealed at the Marvel booth followed by a shot of Hulk and Thor jumping at each other, about to engage in a battle in an arena.

Director Taika Waititi sent out a humorous reply to the image of the Hulk’s gear above:

If this truly is some sort of buddy road movie throughout the galaxy, one can only hope there’s a scene where Hulk and Thor have to go in drag in order to sneak back into Asgard. Hulk in a sun dress and wig might be the greatest thing Marvel ever put to the screen if they have the jacobs to do it.

(Via Slash Film / Twitter)