Bad Robomance: Three Times The Transformers Tried (And Horribly Failed) To Get Romantic

06.23.14 4 years ago 7 Comments
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Trans4mers, er, Transformers: Age Of Extinction debuts this Friday, and many will view it as a lowlight in the history of the franchise, more or less automatically. But the truth is that Transformers has always been at least a little weird, but it never got weirder than when it tried to deal with sex and romance maturely. Or immaturely. Or at all. Fortunately, it’s rare, but robo-romance isn’t entirely uncommon…

The Girl Who Loved Powerglide

We refuse to believe this episode didn’t start with the Transformers writer’s room coming up with that title, immediately after somebody noted that “Powerglide” sounds like a disturbing form of personal lubricant. But instead, he’s a Transformer!

This episode, which actually saw air, shows the usual lack of subtlety in that the girl in question is named Astoria Carlton-Ritz. We’re not kidding. Astoria has some sort of technology developed by dear old Dad that Megatron wants, but basically this episode is a cheesy romantic comedy, complete with a date at the amusement park and an ending where Powerglide, who we’ll remind you is a gigantic robot who turns into a plane, hits up a heiress for a date. And she says yes.

But, hey, she can probably take a good Powergliding, at least, considering he slams her into concrete with no ill effects:



We’ll note here that this is not the strangest episode we’re going to discuss.

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