Time to Rethink Your Business Plan — Guy Becomes Drug Kingpin in Order to Start a Comic Book Shop

03.02.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Last week we brought you the tale of a guy finding a 3.5 million dollar stash of comics in his great uncle’s basement. It was a nice, inspiring story. Here’s a story about a comic collection that’s a little less inspiring.

Aaron Castro was a pretty major meth dealer. He was also kind of dumb. Why do I say that? Because he tried to launder his drug money by buying comic books. Castro’s big plan was to use the money he made selling meth to buy stacks and stacks of funnybooks so he cold eventually open a “high-end” comic shop. Yes, that’s right, this guy thought trading in a meth ring for a comic book shop would be a good business move. You almost have to love this guy just for coming up with something so ridiculously off base.

When the police finally busted Castro, he had nearly 19,000 comics in a collection estimated to be worth around half-a-million bucks.

Castro has been sentenced to 45-years in jail, but likely even more painful for him is the fact that his collection went for a mere $125,000 at a police auction.

via Blastr

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