Tom Holland May Have Dropped Some Clues About Marvel’s Plans For An ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ Storyline

If you watched the recent Captain America: Civil War trailer (and if you haven’t, what is wrong with you?), you may have noticed that there is a huge character that is not featured, which is Spider-Man (who will be making his big splash entrance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). However, there was no trace of the character in the Civil War trailer as Marvel is intending to keep that appearance under wraps as Spidey will be portrayed in the film by 19 year old Tom Holland. The actor admits that he’s a huge fan of the web-slinger:

“I have always been a huge fan of Spider-Man, and growing up, I had countless Spider-Man costumes. Only two years ago did I go to a fancy dress party dressed as Spider-Man. I had this awesome morph suit where you can put your phone on your chest and spiders would crawl across the costume, it was awesome! He’s always been a big part of my life and a big part of boys’ lives because everybody can relate to him.”

When Marvel confirmed that the version of Peter Parker we will see will be the high school one, many fans suspected that it will be the Ultimate story arc, and in a recent interview with Holland, there is some credence to those beliefs as the actor states that it his favorite Spidey storyline:

“I mean, there’s so many different versions of his story, and my favorite of which at the moment is the Ultimate Spider-Man. And the one thing I’m really excited about is that he’s not a superhero that’s on his own, you know? He has connections with some of the most powerful people in this Marvel Universe so I’m quite excited to explore that and see if Marvel will go down that route, you know?”

While fans wait for Spider-Man’s debut in the MCU, Holland is having fun with fans on social media. Holland is apparently perfecting the Spider-Man pose.

(Via MoviePilot)