Too Cool For A Segway? Get Your A** Kicked Thanks To The FlyRad (Video)

11.10.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

I realize that it must get pretty tiresome having intercourse with people who find you attractive. Thank God, the FlyRad is here to deter any future suitors from ever talking to you. For those of us who have had the pleasure of getting our a**es kicked in a pair of rollerblades, the good news is that now we’ll all be able to revisit that repressed memory -this time around with an updated high-powered electric motor. Basically the FlyRad is a glorified electric broomstick, offering a pair of mountain bike-inspired handlebars attached to a slim body. Add a bike seat, along with an electric motor up to 1000W in power, and LOOK AT THAT: Thomas Jefferson would be so jealous.

Available in a few separate sizes -adult (500W electric motor featuring a 36V battery), a mildly smaller teen size and then the mentioned high-powered 1000W version- the FlyRad is the perfect gift for that person who is far too cowardly to get a motorcycle license, yet still reserved enough to rollerblade their way to the arcade.

Video after the jump:

Hat tip to Technobob for the tip.

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