Trevor's More Memorable 'Grand Theft Auto V' Moments, In One Three-Minute Clip

Trevor, of Grand Theft Auto V, is disgusting, terrifying, and offensive. He’s also the funniest thing in the game more often than not, especially when you spend some time as Franklin or Michael and then come back to him. Like in these bits, for example! Spoilers, of a sort, below.

Essentially this is three minutes of Trevor at his worst, by which we mean funniest. Fair warning, you probably don’t want to watch this at work:

This video actually doesn’t feature my favorite moment of switching to Trevor, which is a forced transition late in the game. Trevor literally wakes up, drunk, on an island, surrounded by dead bodies. There’s no context for this. We don’t know what happened. The game offers no clues whatsoever. And basically you just kind of find a boat and head off. It’s never mentioned again.

It’s simultaneously over-the-top funny and just a little scary for a pretty simple reason: Trevor seems notably unfazed by this. So, uh, Trev, exactly how often does this happen?