Treyarch to Shoot History in the Face with Black Ops

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05.20.10 3 Comments

So Treyarch, the developer of “Call of Duty” who isn’t imploding has just put out a trailer for the latest CoD entry “Black Ops.” It’s really neat and gritty with all this stuff about how history is a lie and only the badasses with the shotguns really know what happened, which would be awesome if it weren’t for the fact that this is set during, uh, actual history, guys.

Yeah, yeah, there’s a limit to how seriously you should take a game that lets you re-enact the “exploding arrow to the crotch” scene from Rambo III. And you do have to set aside history in the name of fun. Still, the fact that some of this game takes place in Vietnam, where black ops really did happen and were less of the “awesome fist-pumping” variety and more of the “horrible crimes against humanity” variety, kind of takes the fun out of it. What are we going to do, pay a nice visit to a small village with William Calley?

While I’m burning in hell for that joke, here’s the trailer to “Black Ops”:

[ via CrunchGear ]

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