Trolls Discover A New Way To Drive Xbox One Owners Crazy

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01.08.14 17 Comments

xbox one trolls

Hey, remember when it was announced that the Xbox One would be a trolling-free utopia? Yeah. About that…

Here’s a video that’s been making the rounds of an Xbox One user, well, trolling. His scheme? Name himself Xbox Sign Out, and then make people scream his name. Guess what happens when you scream “XBOX SIGN OUT!” at your Xbox One?

Now, granted, ninety percent of the individuals in this video should neither own an Xbox One nor should they be playing Call of Duty. Seriously, it’s really kind of disturbing that this guy managed to find that many obviously young children in a video game they really shouldn’t be playing.

On the other hand, he also probably should not be cornering small children to keep them from running away until they scream at him, so there is that. Either way, it demonstrates something we’ve already noted some pretty serious concern about: Claim that trolling is dead all you want, Microsoft… it appears the trolls will still be there.

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