Tron Light Cycle: Hipster Edition

08.06.10 8 years ago

Cyglo Tyre, founded by inventor James Tristram, was awarded the patent for LED bike tires last February and secured funding in April to start production later this year, assuming Disney doesn’t slap them with a patent infringement lawsuit right about . . . now.

These CYGLO glowing bike tires contain LEDs that are embedded into the treads or sidewalls of the tire. They will turn your wheels into two circles of light, kind of like the Tron lightcycles. While other companies offer spoke-mounted LEDs already, the CYGLO is supposed to be powered by the circular motion of the wheel itself.  [Technabob]

Powered by the wheel itself?  Muthaf**kin miracles.

Anyway, if they want to tap into the lucrative hipster ironic-Tron-fan market, they should probably have these be transferable from the sidewalls of one tire to the next.  Fixed-wheel bikes burn through treads fast, and they can only buy so many fixie accessories with an allowance from their long-suffering parents.  But what do I know? I’m just a guy who likes to photoshop hipster pets into photo margins.

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