Tube-Loving Bears, Menacing Giraffes, and Links

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The 8 Accidental Shame-Inducing Moments of Facebook: A Guide [Uproxx]

What is the world protesting now? I hope the answer is “pants”. [UproxxNews]

Poland has the best movie posters: a gallery [Filmdrunk]

Steven Seagal is: Back for Justice [WarmingGlow]

O.J. didn’t get beat up in prison [WithLeather]

This Never Would Have Happened to Tom Brady [KSK]

Cee-Lo Green – “Bodies” Video [TSS]

Corgi On A Swing [Buzzfeed]

A tribute to the Trapper Keeper [EgoTV]

T-Shirt Mash Up Of The Day [TheDailyWhat]

Superhero Valentine messages [ToplessRobot]

Manhattan Banker Accused of Cocaine Possession, Attacking Ex-Girlfriend with Lacrosse Stick [BroBible]

New Banksy Art Showing Up In Hollywood [LaughingSquid]

‘Voldemort Cat’ Gets Adopted Into a New Home [Urlesque]

Maybe Sex Appeal Is A Superpower Now? [Geektress]

VIDEO BELOW: Fire hazard of the day [via SayOMG]

[Pictures via theduty and BioTV]

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