These Two New TV Spots Make ‘The Lego Movie’ Look, Well, Awesome

01.21.14 4 years ago 10 Comments


You know, I never expected I’d be anticipating The Lego Movie as much as I am — not that I don’t love Lego, but Hollywood has a habit of making me not like things I like. But no, The Lego Movie looks like a lot of fun! Perhaps a bit overly frantic, but frantic is okay if it’s funny frantic.

Here’s the new “everything is awesome” ad you’ll be seeing all over TV soon

And here’s an international TV spot

So, pick up on any new cameos? I caught The Flash in the first clip, and was that The Simpsons’ house they crashed into in the second? The Lego Movie hits theatres Feb. 7th.

via Bleeding Cool & ComingSoon

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