Ubisoft Releases Terrible ‘Watch Dogs’ Trailer, Then Quickly Issues A Second Make-Up Trailer

08.02.13 5 years ago 12 Comments


Ever since it was first announced, aspects of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs have seemed a little too good to be true. Are the game’s graphics actually going to be that good? Even on next-gen systems? Is the hacking system actually going to be as deep and complex as Ubisoft is promising?

Well, some cracks have started to appear in the Watch Dogs facade. A couple days ago, a short trailer promoting Aisha Tyler doing voice work for the game was released. The trailer was under a minute long and didn’t show anything particularly important, but it gained a lot of attention was because it was ugly. “Was this made by a GTA4 modder?” kind of ugly.

Ubisoft quickly leapt to defend their game from their own trailer, claiming Watch Dogs totally doesn’t look like that and released another trailer as fast as they could. Hit the jump to watch both…

Yeah, that trailer is just weird for a whole lot of reasons. I mean, what exactly is going on? Talk of pooping password pills? Our hacker hero just kills Aisha Tyler with a garbage truck at the end? Huh?

Here’s the “better” one…

Well that was certainly an improvement, although even in that trailer it’s pretty clear the game has suffered a visual downgrade since those initial 2012 demos that wowed everyone. I’m steadily becoming less and less sure about this game.

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