Uh Oh. Turns Out ‘Resident Evil 6’ May Be A Real Biohazard

10.01.12 5 years ago 13 Comments

The first real Resident Evil 6 reviews are coming out today (magazine reviews based on pre-release gameplay are useless and don’t count) and things aren’t looking pretty.

GameSpot has dropped a 4.5, Destructoid a 3.0 and IGN has given the game the worst possible score IGN can give — the dreaded 7.9. The consensus seems to be that the game is far too scattered and doesn’t let players actually, you know, play the game, jerking control away constantly for cheesy, scripted, quick-time laden set pieces.

This is a shame, because a) I’m a big fan of the series and b) Capcom recently made a really good Resident Evil on the 3DS — Resident Evil: Revelations. It really felt like Capcom had got the series back on the right track, but it seems as though the team working on RE6 decided to head down a completely different track. One heading off a cliff. Into a volcano.

Dan will have his Resident Evil 6 impressions up tomorrow and if you’re hoping he’ll be a defiant voice of RE6 positivity, well uh…keep hoping?

Hmmm, wonder how many dump trucks full of money Capcom is going have to drive over to Platinum Games to convince them to fix this series now?

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