‘Ultimate Gun Game’ Asks What Would Happen If You Had Every Gun From Every Video Game

It’s the source of endless arguments on the Internet: Which video game has the coolest guns? Mostly, it’s settled by yelling and pseudo-science, but Corridor Digital decided to take it a step further and created an entire short film about it.

Mostly, it’s impressive for the sheer range of death engines it comes up with; you’ll see guns from Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Halo, and… well, let’s say they don’t limit themselves to weapons you’ll find in FPS games and leave it at that. Really, the only misstep is that the end of the final confrontation isn’t in doubt; there’s one weapon every nerd knows rules them all.

As usual, Corridor delivers some great effects, and it leaves you wondering how long it’ll be before this becomes an actual mod, probably in Team Fortress 2. Still, it should be standard in video games to cycle through every possible weapon; how else will we know if Mega Man could take Master Chief in a fight?

(Via Tastefully Offensive)