University In Japan To Offer The First Doctorate In Manga Studies

Entertainment Editor

Were you happy to hear Dundee University in Scotland is offering country’s first doctoral program in Manga Studies. Yes, you can study manga, then demand people address you as “Doctor”.

Kyoto Seika, a private university in western Japan, is renowned for its manga and anime programs, and had already established a master’s degree program in the field last year. According to the university, they received so many overseas requests for a doctoral program in the field that they had little choice but to create one. [TheMarySue]

They got our letters! I knew those Hello Kitty stickers all over the envelopes would get us noticed. And not by the FBI this time. The doctoral program starts next year. Unfortunately, they’ll only be enrolling four students in the first year. Regardless, it’ll be the first PhD in manga available in Japan, and that’s something.  It’s a great time to be alive, reading Death Note.

[Pictures via colodio and wischenbart.]

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