Valve Hires Doug Church, Who Is…?

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03.18.11 3 Comments

So, Valve hired Doug Church.

Reasonably, you might be asking “Who is Doug Church and why the hell should I care?” Here are a few highlights from his resume, where he was a key person: “System Shock”, “Thief: The Dark Project”, and “Deus Ex”. His most recent game was “Tomb Raider: Legend”, which you might remember was the first Tomb Raider game in a while to not be utterly terrible.

Church is a quiet and retiring guy, but within the game designer community, he’s widely considered a genius and one of the best talents in PC game design. Aaaaaaand now he’s working with Valve.

What on? We don’t know. We’re going to take a wild guess and say an FPS, since that’s the bulk of his experience. We suppose there might be an FPS Valve has lying around for him to work on.

[ via the silent physicists at Rock Paper Shotgun ]

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